Wednesday, 28 January 2009

BBC Loses Plot on Gaza

Had the BBC decided to broadcast the appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza not many Palestinians would have been offended. Their so-called `neutral' decision not to broadcast looks therefore like a highly-politicised act designed to appease Israel and its supporters. In other words, in their misguided attempt to assert neutrality they have in fact created the impression of significant bias.

As for their feeble second excuse - that there were doubts about whether donated aid would get to where it was intended, that's like refusing to show the Greens party political broadcast on the grounds that they might not get many MPs!

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voiceforchildren said...

The BBC,in my opinion, are nothing like impartial. Our local bunch only seem to reinforce that! And to make matters worse they're probably going to get a load of JEP "Journalists" asking them for a job very soon!!