Friday, 10 July 2009

News Reaches UK of Senator Arrest in Tinpot Dictatorship

News of the arrest of Senator Stuart Syvret and the charges brought against him under the Data Protection Act by the States of Jersey has finally reached UK shores as recorded by the Times, the Independent and Channel 4 News.

The politically-motivated arrest and charges are a blatant gagging attempt by the de facto dictatorship that runs the island in the interests of the rich and well-connected.

In his blog based campaign seeking justice for survivors of Jersey's culture of institutionalised abuse Senator Syvret has frequently named names and challenged those named to take action against him for defamation. Despite a readership approaching 200,000 - more than twice the island's population - no such action has been taken against Syvret. It must therefore be assumed that the named individuals are guilty and know that the Senator has compelling evidence that would emerge in court in any defamation case.

Yet the Jersey authorities seem intent on burying bad news by attempting to silence the leading whistleblower, rather than pursue alleged abusers. They announced recently that eleven investigations had been dropped due to `lack of evidence' and it is widely expected on the island that further such announcements will follow. Meanwhile abuse survivors, denied the redress of justice through prosecution of their abusers, are preparing to launch civil actions against the States of Jersey.

The ham-fisted attempt of the Jersey oligarchy to crush dissent betrays a mindset of presumed unquestioned power. At best this might be likened to the regime of a third-rate 1950s public school - but most current observers will find more compelling parallels in the actions of despotic rulers and power cliques in countries such as Zimbabwe, North Korea and Iran.