Friday, 5 September 2008

Why Bother About Jersey?

OK, I guess you know about the Jersey child abuse case, centred around the former Haut de la Garenne children's home. Maybe you think it is just another sad chapter in the litany of child abuse cases that have come to light in recent years. A sad chapter it certainly is - most especially for the victims - but don't imagine this case is just like all the rest. For it seems that in Jersey things are done according to `the Jersey Way', and this all-pervasive culture amongst the ruling echelons of Jersey society has evoved to protect the status quo - potentially at odds with the hopes of the victims for justice.

The closing of ranks of the Catholic church in the face of the earliest abuse allegations against priests is not dissimilar. The first instinct of the church was misguided compassion for the `fallen priests', who, having yielded to the temptation of the flesh, required the full and forgiving support of the church, to the point of denial and even vilification of victims. Later experience has strongly suggested that child-abusing priests were following their vocation as paedophiles and cynically manipulated the church as a vehicle enabling their gratification. Such people never deserved the naive protection of the church.

Read Jersey maverick Senator Stuart Syvret's blog to learn how the Jersey oligarchy is also closing ranks to conceal the truth.


Jake said...

SPOT ON! The Haut de la Garenne nightmare is much like the 9/11, 7/7; Dr David Kelly, Princess Diana horror-stories.
- The Establishment views the public at large as a herd of doddering senile goats;incapable of reasoning. These 'powers that be' had better make hay while the sun shines; rain is certainly on the way,as thunder is rolling around the hills right now for everyone to hear!

uruisg said...

Yes, I am sure the good folks on jersey can hear the thunder, and some of us here in Scotland too, but so far it does not seem to have registered in London!

voiceforchildren said...

Great Blog.

Will put you on as a link on mine.

uruisg said...

Thanks for the comment. By highlighting the Jersey abuse issue on my blog I hope I can play a small part in raising awareness of this terrible situation in places that may be physically far from jersey but where there are many people who can female emotionally close to those who have suffered.


uruisg said...

Meant so say `feel'!